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5000 TWITCH BITS (3$-1000)
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I sell high quality bits for your twitch channel for very cheap prices. It's always easy money for everyone who has active channel! 💰

1000 bits = 10$ pure revenue to your channel. Bits don't have any fees or taxes. Twitch will always pay you fixed 10$ for every 1000 bits you get! 💸

All you need to receive bits is affilated/partnered account 👤

Payout rate highly depends on your online (viewers avg / streaming time). Twitch always pays to active users. If you had any payouts before then twitch will pay you again. Payout rate for partnered channels is near 99% 📊

I guarantee only bits delivery. I can't guarantee payout to everyone. ---------------------------------------------------------------

  • If you have more question & support
  • For PayPal payments
    CONTACT ME IN DISCORD: twitchcredits#8096 -----------------------------------------------------------------

I deliver bits with an anonymous sendings. Delivery time takes up to 72h.

You can enter your preferred daily amount of bits in special window before paying off process.

19 Dec 2022
5000 bits delivered and everything is good. Thanks
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